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Let's make some videos

Vidbotz is your go-to video partner for onboarding, training, and demos.

Budget-friendly pricing

Super fast turnarounds

A headache-free workflow


Trusted by amazing brands

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Screencast demos

Demos show users how to use an app correctly, which increases adoption & proficiency. They also enable Sales reps with a powerful product portfolio. And they alleviate customer support by directing users to self-guided video tutorials.

Onboard new users at scale

HR & customer support

Marketing & Sales demos

Employee trainings

Slide decks, classroom sessions, and in-person instructors are boring and inconsistent. Micro-video training holds attention spans and delivers the same message every time regardless of an employee's location or schedule.

Environmental, health, and safety

Procedures, compliance, and HR

Onboarding new staff & roles

Animated explainers

Simplify the complex in 2 minutes or less. Custom animated Explainer videos can captivate your audience so they understand what you do and are motivated to take the next step. Perfect for Marketing, Sales, and announcements.

2D flat animations

Custom characters & designs

Budget-friendly options

Care about scale?

Then think Video Series 

Doing more with less is essential for scale. That's why a strategic video series can meet multiple objectives across an organization—from freeing up time for key personnel, to automated customer support, to consistent messaging across teams & geo's. This leads to scalable business operations and the capacity for massive growth.


Every video
always includes

10-day turnarounds

Unlimited revisions

Script support

Planning sessions

Creative template

Work-back timeline

Synced captions


Royalty-free music

Branding compliance

1080p HD delivery

And more!


A smarter way to scale video production

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