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eLearning is better with videos

Transform dull training courses into micro-video masterpieces that learners enjoy.

EHS procedures & workforce training

Onboarding new hires & new roles

Compliance and certification


We support top training teams


Video is preferred among learners

No one wants to read anymore... Everyone wants to watch! The majority of any training curriculum can be optimized with micro-videos. Give learners what they want by adding more video to your CBT (computer-based training).

Hold attention spans better

Bite-sized learning events

Effective with Millennials

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eLearning Prefer Video_v1.png

Effortlessly update existing trainings

No need to start from scratch. Vidbotz can take your existing courses and turn the boring parts into awesome videos. We can also convert standalone PowerPoint decks and physical training binders into useful video modules.

Interactive programming

Modern LXD best practices

Storyline, Rise, SCORM, and xAPI

It's a no-brainer to use video in your eLearning trainings

Multi-sensory learning

Video, voice-over, and on-screen text create an immersive learning experience.

Accelerate time to competency

The quicker a learner reaches competency, the faster your organization benefits.

Cognitive understanding

Video has been shown to facilitate a deeper comprehension of complex concepts.

Communicate abstract ideas

Video enriches technical ideas using easy-to-understand animations and graphics.

Information retention & application

Video increases the neural memorability of learning something new and applying it.

A global baseline for true scale

You have learners all over the world. Video keeps your trainings consistent and scalable.

Reduce training costs

Video can minimize costly classroom sessions and eliminate the need to hire more trainers.

Modern, agile, effective

Micro-videos support an agile work environment by streamlining operations.


A smarter way to scale eLearning & micro-videos

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