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Interactive Video

Improves eLearning

At Vidbotz, we combine custom training videos and instructional design to boost viewer engagement, improve learning outcomes, and deliver ROI.

Why use video in eLearning?

Multi-sensory learning

Using imagery, narration, and text, videos offer a visual and audible learning experience.

Cognitive understanding

Video helps facilitate deep thinking, problem solving, and a better understanding of complex concepts.

Technical training

Trainees can watch how to correctly perform intricate job functions for technical & regulatory mastery.

Step-by-step demos

Show learners how to use a system, application, or tool, and then quiz them to assess understanding.

Reduce costs & time

With Vidbotz, it's never been easier and more cost-effective to develop video-based eLearning.

Communicate abstract ideas

Beautifully enrich technical concepts using easy-to-understand animations and motion graphics.

Accessible on multiple devices

We can optimize videos for Storyline projects and low bandwidth streaming for any device or use case.

Rich analytics & ROI

Leverage additional data metrics with video views to spot trends on course success rates & behavior. 

Our eLearning

always includes

Instructional design

Custom Storyline template

Interactive assessments

Hands-on activities

Programmable scenarios

Branding compliance

Professional voice-overs

Motion design

Customized reporting

Fully synced captions

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