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How to review your video

1. First, watch your video

Before sending the video link to stakeholders, always watch your video first. This way, you can add any immediate feedback (if needed) before looping in other team members or business partners. You can add feedback by clicking anywhere on the video frame and writing a comment. You can also draw squares with your comments to emphasize areas of focus.

How to add comments

How to draw squares

2. Then, send the video link to stakeholders

Now it's time to get feedback from key stakeholders. They, too, will have the ability to add comments in Wipster, so make sure you give them detailed instructions on what to review, how to review, and a deadline on when reviews need to be complete (usually 2 business days).


For example, if you have multiple stakeholders, say an attorney and a graphic designer, then each person would need to focus their feedback on different parts of the video. It's very important that you clarify what each stakeholder should and shouldn't review.

  • Sample message: "Hi everyone, our demo video on "Adding a Product" is ready for final review. Mila, you're in charge of reviewing graphics & on-screen text from a legal perspective. Anthony, we need your creative eye on the highlights, transitions, and icons only. I will be reviewing the screenshots and video flow. If you have any feedback, you can add comments by clicking anywhere on the video frame and typing your comment (please be detailed and concise). Make sure to complete your review by this Friday at noon."

3. Finally, make your approval decision

After all stakeholders have finished reviewing, now it's time to make your approval decision. First, you'll want to review all of their comments (if any) to make sure they're accurate, detailed, and actionable. Then decide if the video is approved and ready for delivery, or not approved and needs revisions. Make your review decision in Wipster using the button.