Why should I choose to work with Vidbotz?

  • To start, we make awesome videos -- a key component for any video production service.
  • We’ve streamlined the process from months down to days (no joke, 5-day turnarounds).
  • We handle all of the filming, editing, and revisions -- you just provide the scripts (we can help with those, too).
  • You have a whopping 12 months to work with us thanks to our game-changing video memberships.
  • Finished videos cost only $499 -- literally the best deal on the planet for professional videos (there must be a catch though, right? Nope! Our revolutionary “assembly line of mass video production” is a modern marvel, schedule a demo to see it in action)
  • We’re results-driven and bottom-line focused, so we actually care about your Return on Investment, and offer free consulting to help you maximize the value of your videos.

What is a Video Membership?

The short answer is 12 months of end-to-end professional video production, where you get access to our pros, our equipment, our studio, and our video assembly line. The membership allows you to effortlessly create the videos you need on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis without breaking the bank. It's 100% scalable with no video cap, and totally user-friendly so no video expertise required. We know you're busy, so that's why we do most of the work.

How much do Video Memberships cost?

Vidbotz offers several membership options depending on your immediate & long-term video needs. That said, drop us a quick message and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Do I have to be a member to make videos with Vidbotz?

Yes :) Think of us as Costco -- any annual fee gets you in the door, where you get complete access to quality products at cut-rate prices. And you can't just walk into Costco now can you? Well, unless you're going to the food court, which unfortunately we don't have (yet).


What kind of videos can I make?

We specialize in training, product demos, help tutorials, customer onboarding, explainer videos, and more. Use the studio for talking heads, live demos, and screen-capture. To be honest, pretty much any recurring process can be "video-ized".

How much do videos cost?

$499 (yes, you read that correctly). We also have a menu of Add-Ons to take any video to the next level.

What's included with a video?

  • Music, graphics, and custom animations
  • 2 hours of studio time and script review
  • Your branding -- fonts, colors, and assets.
  • All of the filming, processing, and editing
  • 5-day turnarounds and unlimited revisions
  • 2 years of secure project data storage


How does Vidbotz work?

  1. FREE CONSULTATION. Schedule some time to hop on a quick call or meet in our studio. We'll help develop a custom video roadmap for your immediate and long-term video needs, as well as define business objectives, goals, and target metrics.
  2. JOIN. Our team will set you with your own private Dashboard, which is our essential video management tool. We'll give you a quick lesson on how to use our system and then it's video-making time!
  3. START. Using our simple 3-step approach, get started on your videos in minutes. Our team will then get to work on crafting up a rough draft.
  4. MANAGE. Using our intuitive dashboard, manage the progress of every open video project in real time. Progress bars, simple notifications, and a revolutionary review process makes it easier than ever to share with stakeholders and add feedback.
  5. DOWNLOAD. With unlimited revisions, we're not happy until you are. When every video is exactly the way you want it, download the full-res video file immediately.
  6. REPEAT. We were built to scale with your video demand. 1 video, 10 videos, 100 videos. Our production assembly line can handle any workload.

Who owns the rights to the finished videos?

The videos are yours. Do with them as you please. The full copyright details are outlined in our Video Services Agreement.

Do you travel for video work?

We sure do! We have a dedicated travel team, both via car and by plane. Contact us for details.

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